See below for all available rental options.  All items should be picked up the day prior to the event and should be returned the following day before the store closes, or a $30 late fee will be applied.

Renters agree to return rented items in good condition.  If any items are damaged or missing, renter will agree to replace or pay a replacement fee.

All rentals are CASH/CHECK only.  We do not accept credit cards on rental equipment.

Checks can be made out to SRC Utah. 


Complete Package - $295

Includes clock, arch, time printers, trailer, finish line chute, large/small cones


Overhead Clock - $80 per day

- Ultrak TF-ML2004, 6ft tall. LED display (35.5in X 11.75in) works both indoors and outdoors.  Comes with portable battery (4hr) or plug in.

- User Manual

- Tripod Assembly Instructions

Blow-up Arch - $40 per day

- 15ft tall, 11.25in wide blow up arch.  Continuous air arch, must have plug in connection.

Seiko Time Printers - $35 per day

- Timer Info

Mile Markers - $10 each

"Runners on the Road" Signs - $10 each

Large Cones - $1.50 each

Small Cones - $1.00 each

Mini Cones - $0.50 each


Not Pictured:

RC Open Trailer - $25.00 per day

10 Gallon Water Coolers - $5.00 per day

Measuring Wheel - $5.00 per day

Finish Line Chute - $50.00 per day

- Orange "candlestick" posts with bases and ropes

Extension Cord - $5.00 per day