Runner's Corner is always looking for ways to support local runners. Our racing team is set up to encourage anybody looking to participate on a team and better their running profile. Whether you're working towards finishing your longest run or breaking course records, we hope the racing team program will strengthen our community and bring attention to those doing amazing things in the running world!


The RC Race Team is comprised of two tiers: the Ambassador Team, and Elite Racing Team. Both teams have responsibilities and benefits associated with them.

Starting this 2022 season, we will introduce an application process. Everyone, regardless of past team membership, will be required to fill out and apply to be on the 2022 team. While membership on the Ambassador team is available nearly year-round, the Elite and Trail/Ultra team are different. Anyone looking to be apart of the Elite team must apply by February 15th. This same process will be repeated at the beginning of each year going forward. Application deadlines for the 2022 team are listed below. All applicants, regardless of which team your applied for, will receive an invitation, via email, to join either the Ambassador or Elite team by March 15th.

Applications for the 2023 team will be available for in store pick up on January 1st, 2023.

Elite Team Deadlines:

- January 1st: Applications available for pick-up in store

- February 15th: Completed application deadline

- March 15th: Elite and Trail/Ultra teams decided

- February 28th, 2023: Season Ends

Ambassador Team Deadlines:

- January 1st - September 15th: Applications Available for pick-up in store

- February 28th, 2023: Season Ends

All completed applications should be delivered in-store or emailed to staff@runnerscorner.com

You can click on the following links for more race team information:

2022 Elite Racing Team Application